Driver Guidelines for Old Forge, New York

  1. To become a driver, a person must be between the ages of 25 and 65 years old and submit a New Driver Application and a copy of your driver’s license (both front and back) to be approved by our insurance carrier for a check of your driving record.

Drivers must use vehicles provided by CTS to transport.

CTS requires a parent or guardian to accompany any rider under the age of 18.

Drivers are never obligated to drive when asked. They can always say "not this time".

Drivers determine if they feel unsafe to drive for any reason.

Most trips scheduled by CTS are to the Utica area. But we will transport to Syracuse, Cooperstown, Lowville, Watertown, Boonville, Rome and other cities, depending on the availability of a driver.

Upon agreeing to an assignment from our coordinator, the driver is to call the rider(s) as soon as possible to get directions for pick-up, set the time of rider pick-up, and obtain the specific destination.

All trips must be authorized by the coordinator.  If the coordinator is not available, contact an officer of the CTS board.

Check vehicle before departure:  tires, gas, wiper fluid, general inspection, and lights.

No animals are allowed in the vehicle except documented service animals. Be aware of any rider wearing strong scents which could cause breathing problems for other passengers.  Rider could be denied ride in this circumstance.

Acquaint yourself with the vehicle controls before driving and always drive with lights on. (GMC has automatic daytime running lights.)

Log in on the riders report sheet found in vehicle.

Be responsible for the vehicle and passenger(s) safety. All occupants must wear seat belts.  The driver may cancel the trip if the road conditions, in his or her judgment, are unsafe.  Call the coordinator and if the coordinator is not available, leave a message and then call the passenger.

Do not depart with a rider who in your judgment will not be able to handle the trip.

No driver is to sign any documents for release of the rider at any health care facility.

Call 911 in the event of an emergency, as determined by you, the driver.

Assist riders to extent you are capable. Do not cause harm to yourself. Summon assistance if needed.

Follow the policy (found on the clip board behind the riders reports) for driving children who are under 18 years of age.

Upon return, fill vehicle with gasoline, print your last name on the gas receipt and place it in the folder with the gas credit card.

Log out and, if necessary, call the coordinator reporting any problems, i.e., accident, problems with a passenger, traffic violations, or vehicle malfunction. Please leave the vehicle clean and check for items left in vehicle.

CTS officers’ names and phone numbers are in the folder behind driver’s instructions on the sun visor.

Envelopes for donations are in glove compartment. Riders are not expected to give donation. Donations are not a fee for service.

Thank you for volunteering to help provide this free service.